Hi there, I’m

Joab Lee

Hi there

My name is Joab Lee and I am currently studying computing and electronics at School of Science and Technology, Singapore.

I like anything related to computers and programming in general, and i also play basketball sometimes!

Below are details of some of projects I have developed.




I had many projects that I wanted to showcase, but I didnt have a platform to show them to the internet and the world. As such, I created is-amazing as a platform for developers to showcase their projects on a cool domain that they can easily share with others.

This service uses the cloudflare API and a self written API running on a backend server. When the users create their JSON file and send in a pull request, a github action will run to validate the JSON file to ensure that it is valid and ready to be merged. If the JSON file is valid, the action will comment that the file is valid, and then maintainers can merge the pull request. When the pull request is merged, another action runs and calls the backend API to add the domain to the cloudflare API.

is-amazing screenshot



After discovering about OpenAI's new image processing model, GPT-4-Vision, I started searching about some different use cases and examples to implement this new technology. The breakthrough being that AI could now recognize images and give accurate descriptions and details about it opened a new door of possibilities for development. Then I remembered a game called GeoGuessr, which is trying to guess the location of the image that is flashed on screen.

So I decided to implement GPT-4-Vision into this app as a proof-of-concept that the AI could perform complex operations like guessing the country from the images. This proved to work quite well, as usually it would get them correct 90% of the time.



came across a scraping library while browsing on github called ScrapeGhost, and it was an AI assisted scraping library for python. I was inspired by this project to create a nodejs version, and my version had more accurate results as it used the new JSON mode in the openai API, which allowed the model to produce more accurate results without hallucinating.

ScrapeDogg Screenshot



As a small side project, I wanted to try making a game using ThreeJS and WebGL to test my knowledge on the library. I created a small infinite flying aircraft that has procedurally generated obstacles and gems to collect. Through this project, I learnt the basics of ThreeJS, WebGL, and object rendering in the browser. Try it out here.



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